Activities, projects and calls. All the activities that Libera promotes on the European territory.

Libera promoted the European network CHANCE, Civil Hub Against Organized Crime in Europe and officially presented it in April 2019 at the European Parliament. It is the network of associations, movements and informal groups throughout Europe that are committed to the promotion of social and environmental justice through establishment of innovative social prevention paths for the fight against organized crime and corruption. 

'Chance' means 'opportunity' and represents the resilient will to action that we want to have as a civil society network in Europe. 

'Civil' is connected to our being part of an organized and committed community as European citizens and human beings who live there together.

'Hub' means gear and refers to the idea of a 'junction' through which different subjects can collaborate to generate common actions,

'Against Organized Crime' because it is no longer possible to speak only of mafias, which minimises the dramatic dimension of a complex and ever wider criminal phenomenon.

CHANCE is a transnational network of civil society engaged in a continuous dialogue with national and European institutions, with the academic world and the judiciary. It aims to bring back to the center of European debate the danger of underestimating the criminal phenomenon, and in particular of globalized criminal enterprise. 

This is our CHANCE to build new paths of social justice together for a Europe that is ever fairer and closer to its people.

Strategic planning in Europe

The partners of the European network have adopted the organizational tool of strategic planning to understand together the objectives, means, tools and actions to be implemented in synergy with each other. At the end of 2018, thanks to the planning process, the representatives of CHANCE associations and groups jointly developed a programmatic document with 3 main strategic directions. From that moment, it guided and guides the actions and projects towards common objectives. During the two-day process of meeting and creating a strategic plan, various stages were addressed. It started from a shared "practical vision" for the construction of an effective and representative network, the obstacles against it, and possible solutions for reducing and/or overcoming them.

Finally, all together, we prioritized and cataloged the actions to be undertaken, arriving at the final strategic directions, which identify "how" to reach a given objective. Even before deciding on a name for the European network, it was essential to discuss and create a method for planning the short and long term actions to be carried out, placing the needs and wishes of all the partners involved in the network on the same level. 

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