History of Association

On 14 December 1994, press agencies launched a network news statement: Libera is born, a cartel of associations against the Mafia. The idea, announced by Don Luigi Ciotti attracted the support of three hundred groups and associations.

Among others, Arci, Acli, Legambiente, Fuci, Gruppo Abele and Cgil stand out. Each association had its own different history and identity, all sharing the awareness that opposing mafias is a political, social, cultural and ethical task that concerns the whole of civil society. Don Ciotti not only announced the birth of Libera, but also launched a popular petition to collect a million signatures to
allocate assets confiscated from mafia and the corrupt for social use. This initiative attracted the political and social world’s attention to the new-born association. Libera was thus born with a clear, outlined path. Meanwhile, in the following months, meetings and debates continued to outline the association’s profile, a constituent path that, on 25 March 1995, would lead to the approval of Libera Articles of Association and its official establishment at the Cgil headquarters in Rome, in Via dei Frentani. Don Ciotti was appointed national president.


First issue of the Narcomafie magazine, published by Gruppo Abele


The press conference of the newly formed Libera Association with Don Luigi Ciotti and the Presidents of the main National Associations took place in Rome. The petition was launched with a
collection of signatures to request the social use of assets confiscated from mafias
1st edition of the national anti-mafia caravan, with ARCI


On 25 March, the association was formally established as Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafia
Anti-mafia training camp in Manduria (Ta)


The popular initiative bill, promoted by Libera, with more than a million signatures collected, was approved in Parliament and became Law 109/96 - Provision on the management and destination
of confiscated and seized assets
1st Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the mafias’ innocent victims in Rome
Avviso Pubblico, Local Authorities and Regions for civil training against mafia was born


Brussels, Libera public hearing in the European Parliament, as part of the Resolution on the action plan against organised crime, which was then adopted in November


LaviaLibera was born, a semi-annual periodical of Libera, directed by Gianmario Missaglia, former president of Uisp


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Libera and the Ministry of Education on the issues of education to Legality


Libera participates in the 1st UN World Conference against Organized Crime in Palermo


The first Cooperativa Libera Terra, dedicated to Placido Rizzotto, was born with a public tender in Sicily


'Strada facendo' was held in Turin, the first meeting on social policies in collaboration with CNCA and Gruppo Abele
Macramè was the communication plan aimed at young people on the issues of rights, citizenship and legality promoted by Libera and Gruppo Abele in Italian schools


The 'Race for Peace and Rights', promoted by Libera, crosses 25 Italian cities and also some foreign cities such as Buenos Aires, Kabul, Baghdad, Grand Bassan in Côte d'Ivoire


First Albachiara Campus in Montecatini Terme (PT), promoted by Gruppo Abele and Libera


The building confiscated from the Magliana gang in via IV novembre in Rome was assigned to Libera. It became the association’s national headquarters
In Turin, the first agreement was signed between Libera and an Italian university for two master’s degrees concerning mafia crime
The first volunteer and training camps on confiscated land organized by Libera e Legambiente leave for Sicily and Calabria 'I campi della legalità - Progetto Libera Terra' (The Fields of Legality - Libera Terra Project)


Cooperare con Libera Terra Agency was born
'Libero Cinema in Libera Terra' (Free Cinema in a Free Land) began as a project to set up cinema screening and collective viewing sites on land confiscated from mafias
1st edition of the Regoliamoci Prize Contest, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research
1st edition of Contromafie, the Conference on the State of Antimafia in Rome


First edition of 'Abitare i margini', a training programme for teachers on citizenship education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education
The Libera Informazione Foundation was founded


The Consorzio Libera Terra Mediterraneo was born


Following an amendment to its Articles of Association, Libera could become a civil party in Mafia proceedings
2nd edition of Contromafie, the Conference on the State of Antimafia in Rome


The ALAS - America Latina Alternativa Social network was founded
Launch of the 'Corrotti' campaign and collection of signatures for the confiscation and social re-use of assets confiscated from corruption
In Reggio Calabria, the first solidarity network against protection money was born, ReggioLiberaReggio


'Libera la Natura' (Free the Nature) project started in collaboration with the Sports Group of the State Forestry Corps
In Rizziconi (Rc) the Italian national football team trained by Cesare Prandelli played on the confiscated 'ndrangheta' pitch
The Roberto Morrione Journalistic Prize was born, dedicated to the memory and the civil and professional commitment of the Rai journalist, founder of Rainews24 and Libera Informazione


'Amunì', a project promoted by Libera with the Department of Juvenile Justice


Libera launched three important campaigns: 'Illuminiamo la salute' (Let's light up health), 'Io riattivo il lavoro' (I reactivate work) and 'Miseria ladra' (an Italian expression and pun on the concept that misery steals opportunities)


Thirty-two years after the Rognoni-La Torre Law on the confiscation of property from mafia members in Italy, the European Parliament approved Directive (EU) 25/02/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council on the freezing and confiscation of proceeds from crime in the European Union
Rome, national conference 'Le mafie restituiscono il maltolto. Il riutilizzo sociale dei beni confiscati per la legalità, lo sviluppo sostenibile e la coesione territoriale' (Mafias return the loot. The social re-use of confiscated assets for legality, sustainable development and territorial cohesion)
Pope Francis met the mafia victims’ family members in the church of San Gregorio VII in Rome
3rd edition of Contromafie, the Conference on the State of Antimafia in Rome


Venti liberi: vent'anni Libera (Free winds: twenty years of Libera)
Mexico City hosted the first assembly of ALAS (Latin America Alternative Social), the international network of Latin American associations and organizations that aim to combat organized crime and corruption
Libera promoted a press conference with Alex Schwazer and Sandro Donati to present the proposal for the return of the athlete, upon completion of the disqualification, to the competitive activity


National Meeting of Libera Youth in Cecina (Li)
The Carabinieri and Libera sign in Rome the Memorandum of Understanding for an anti-mafia culture
The Charter of Fondi was signed in the Benedictine monastery of San Magno in Fondi by priests, monks and nuns, who collaborate with Libera. It engaged the signatories in action against mafia and corruption, social injustice and ecomafia


Locri (Rc), President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella met the mafia victims’ family members, on the Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the mafias’ innocent victims
Numeri Pari (Even numbers) was born, a network of associations to combat social inequality for a fairer society based on social and environmental justice
Vivi was born: a multimedia archive, open and accessible to all, where all the known stories of the mafias’ innocent victims are collected
With social research on mafia perception and corruption in the country, the Liberaidee campaign begins a journey to get to know, expand the network, renew civil engagement against mafia and corruption
The new Libera website was born


The 4th edition of Contromafiecorruzione, the Conference on the State of Antimafia, takes place in Rome
The Liberi di Scegliere (Free Choice) Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Rome; it aims to help and welcome women and children who want to leave the mafia circuit
VII Meeting of Libera Youth in Trappeto (PA)
Linea Libera was launched; it is a free and confidential telephone service for those who want to report or denounce corrupt or mafia-style conduct
#magliettarossa mobilization day took place to #stop the bleeding of humanity
The Liberaidee report on the perception and presence of mafias and corruption in our country was presented in Rome


The Scuola Casacomune Laudatosi’Laudatoqui opened in the Certosa1515 of Avigliana (To), inspired by the principles expressed in Pope Francis' encyclical.
The National Assembly of the relatives of the mafias’ innocent victims in Libera's network took place in Venice.
The XXIV Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the mafias’ innocent victims took place in Padua, and simultaneously in thousands of places in Italy, Europe, Latin America and Africa.
Lavialibera | Pensieri nuove | parole diverse was born, the new editorial project founded by Libera and Gruppo Abele.
Rome, Coni (the Italian Olympic Committee) and Libera sign the first Memorandum of Understanding to promote and increase the role of sports as an instrument of education and gathering.
Chance was born, Civil Hub Against orgaNised Crime in Europe - the social network established in Europe thanks to the commitment of the many realities and associations united by the will to build paths of social justice with Libera.

Libera's Activities

Libera's Activities

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