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"Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafias" was born on (March 25th, 1995) 25 March1995 with the purpose of involving and supporting all those who are interested in the fight against mafias and organized crime. Libera is presently a network of more than 1,200 associations, groups and schools, committed to build(ing) up organizational synergies between the political and cultural local realities capable of promoting a culture of lawfulness. The law on the social use of the real estate confiscated from organized crime, the education on democratic lawfulness, the fight against corruption, the camps for antimafia education, the projects on work, development and anti-usury activities, are some of Libera's concrete commitments. 

Libera Formation
This section of Libera is dedicated to the creation and running of educational programs regarding the values of citizenship and the fight against the mafia. These programs aim to raise awareness about issues of civic responsibility and promote respect for the law by forging relationships with schools, universities, private organizations and local administrations. Libera is accredited as a teaching program by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research.
For schools: our teaching programs for students of all grades work to spread a culture of responsible citizenship and raise awareness about the fight against the mafia.

For universities: our teaching programs, based on partnership with the students, faculty and administrators, encourage the interdisciplinary study of the mafia and create opportunities for internships.

For associations, citizens and the country: our programs educate and update association members, citizens and all interested about the mafia and civic responsibility working in close collaboration with local organizations and services.

Info: educazionelegalita@libera.it - universita@libera.it

Libera Memory 

On March 21 every year, we celebrate the Day of Memory and Commitment to commemorate all victims of mafias. Mach 21, the first day of spring, is the symbol of renewed hope and also a chance for victims' families who have found comfort through Libera to meet. The Day of Memory gives these relatives the chance to reflect on their mourning as they search for real justice, transforming their pain into an effective, and non-violent, instrument of peace and change. The program is also committed to creating a database of victims of the mafia in order to rekindle the memory of the many whose life was unjustly taken.
Info: memoria@libera.it

Libera Land, Confiscated Properties 

Law n. 109/96 provides for the granting to third parties—private organizations; cooperatives; municipal, provincial and regional administrations—of all property acquired through illegal activities. The third parties then return them to the community by converting the properties to socially beneficial uses. During the 13 years since its passing, the law has converted to use for the community more than 4500 real estate properties (apartments, villas and lands). The confiscated lands in Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Lazio have been taken over by cooperatives of students and have produced oil, wine, pasta, taralli, legumes, preserves and other organic goods. All of our products are marked with the Libera Terra quality and civic responsibility assurance. Every year on these lands we run international community service work camps. 
 Recently we created a new entrepreneurial venture: the Consorzio Libera Terra Mediterraneo. The company, a joint project between the Libera Terra cooperatives and other parties, creates alliances and collaborations in leadership and production all over Italy to widen the network of the cooperatives. Among the participants are: Alce Nero Melizia; Slow Food; Banca Etica; Coop Fond and Firma TO, a promoter of responsible tourism.

The shops "I Sapori e i Saperi della Legalità" (The Taste and Awareness of Lawfullness) are the Italian distributors of the organic products from the confiscated lands. Since this year, the Paniere dei Saperi (The Breadbasket of Awareness), with a book and a Libera tote bag, is available, too. 

Cooperating with Libera Terra - Agency for the Promotion of Cooperatives and of a Culture of Respect for the Law was created in May 2006. Cooperatives and members of Legacoop have advanced the project and all sorts of producers of organic and high-quality food, for example Conapi and Slow Food, provide the staff.
 The Agency supports the development of coops working on the lands confiscated from the mafia.

Info: beniconfiscati@libera.it

Libera Sport
Libera, in collaboration with sports clubs and local sports promoters — CSI, US, ACLI, UISP — encourages a respectful sporting culture as a means of spreading values such as acceptance of one's limits, respect toward others and respect of the rules. An understanding of these values fights the culture of lawlessness and the instrumentalization of players. Libera Sport organizes and promotes activities that spread a vision of sport as an opportunity for fun and personal growth rather than a selfish path to victory at any cost; the organization works especially hard to combat the use of performance enhancing drugs, the worst and most definitive of defeats in the world of sports.
Info: sport@libera.it

Libera International 

Illegal trafficking, international environmental crimes, frauds, intellectual property crimes and worldwide illicit economic networks can only be fought effectively by an efficient and organized global network, committed to reporting wrongdoings, pushing for legislative action and spreading a culture of respect for the law. We are currently building a network of social organizations not limited to simply helping victims but also dedicated to removing the causes of suffering and fostering democratic participation in the fight for human rights. In June 2008, Libera promoted the birth of FLARE - Freedom Legality And Rights in Europe -  a network of about 50 organizations from 30 European and Mediterranean countries. Libera is also promoting the foundation of the ALAS - America Latina Alternativa Social - network which unites organizations throughout Latin America. International exchanges, meetings and visits have led to the identification of like-minded partners in other countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, and Honduras. Furthermore, since market globalization has favored the worldwide distribution of the mafia, uniting and capitalizing on all the anti-mafia efforts in Africa, Asia and Latin America is imperative. Currently, Libera is working to globalize the guiding principles and effectiveness of the Italian law for the social use of confiscated lands.
Info: international@libera.it - Tel: +39 06 69770322 - 24 

Libera Appointments 

Carovana Antimafie (Anti Mafia Caravan) Traveling demonstration organized in cooperation with Arci and Avviso Pubblico to promote legality and social justice throughout the country.
Carovana La Pace va per... corsa February-March 2011 Running marathon in memory of the victims of Mafia on the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.
Carovana della Memoria November 2010-April 2011 Caravan regarding the values of resistance and social justice, organized in collaboration with the Istituto Cervi.
Libera la Natura  March-May 2010 Sporting event regarding property confiscated from the mafia and meetings in schools in collaboration with the Gruppo Sportivo del Corpo Forestale dello Stato (Sports Group of the State Forestry Corps).
EstateLiberi2010  May - September 2010 Volunteer work camps in lands confiscated from mafias.
Libera Cinema in Libera Terra 2011 July-September 2011 The traveling film movement for the development and legality of the lands confiscated from mafias.
Festa Nazionale di Libera Florence July 21-26 2011
Campus Albachiara Montecatini Terme (PT), 2011 VIII edition of Camp, an initiative promoted by the Province of Pistoia and by Gruppo Abele, to create a moment of encounter between youths and adults to discuss the themes of the citizenship and to build a national network for the equal rights.
Contromafie 2011 (Anti-mafias 2011) October 2011 III Edition of the General State of the Antimafia
XVII Giornata della Memoria e dell'impegno in ricordo delle vittime delle mafie (Day of Memory and of Commitment in Remembrance of Victims of Mafias) March 2012

The Libera Website www.libera.it is the official voice of Libera where you can find additional files, documents, appointments and initiatives of Libera throughout the country and information on the activities of the various sectors of the association.
La via Libera Semestral of information about initiatives and campaigns of the association
Animazione Sociale Monthly training magazine for social operators for the exchange of experiences and reflection on the themes of marginalization, social exclusion and the practice of new citizenship.
Liberanet is a website 2.0 (www.liberanet.org) and represents an important tool of sharing and the networking of files, projects, theses, investigations and initiatives of study and in-depth analysis.
Narcomafie Monthly information, analysis and documentation promoted by Gruppo Abele and Libera to fight organized crime and corrupted powers.
Regoliamoci A national competition for students of elementary schools and middle schools designed to educate on responsibility, the shared norms and lawfulness. concorsoregoliamoci@libera.it

 Head office: 
 Via IV Novembre 98 - 00187 Rome. 
 Tel: +39 06 69770301/02/03 
Fax: +39 06 6783559 


  1. Libera Catania: chiediamo verità e giustizia per gli omicidi di Francesco Vecchio e Alessandro Rovetta

    Il Coordinamento provinciale di Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie a Catania - in relazione alla ricerca della verità sugli omicidi di Francesco Vecchio e di Alessandro Rovetta - ribadisce il proprio impegno di memoria e testimonianza per tutte le vittime delle mafie e la vicinanza ai tanti familiari che ancora aspettano di conoscere i motivi e i contesti nei quali sono maturati gli omicidi dei loro cari.

  2. Perugia: seminario di formazione per docenti

    Il Presidio insegnati  "G. Rechichi" organizza seminari di formazione per docenti, presidi e cittadinanza sul tema: "Lavoro etico, etica del lavoro". Il primo appuntamento si svolgerà il 22 settembre.

  3. Nuova referente per Libera Catanzaro

    Il 14 settembre durante l'assemblea provinciale di Libera Catanzaro, alla presenza del coordinatore regionale don Ennio Stamile è stata eletta la nuova referente del coordinamento provinciale: Elvira Iaccino.