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Contromafie 2009 - English


Roma 23-25 de octubre 2009

Logo di Contromafie 2009

Contromafie is a course of cultural and social commitment, a work instrument that LIBERA propose periodically to offer projects and contents to associations dealing with the fight against mafias and fighting for legality and social justice; another objective is the results verification of the confrontation started with institutions, with politics and other subjects, starting from what established in the final Bill of every edition. The message of the General Estates is double, of course negative (against mafias) but above all positive (for Constitution's rights): it is necessary "being against" all mafias and corruption, illegalities and power abuses, but it's much more important "being for" the construction of courses and spaces of freedom, citizenship, information, legality, justice, solidarity. 

The main objectives of the second Contromafie edition are:

a) The definition of courses and strategies of prevention and contrast to mafias violence;
b) The strong denunciation of the resumed corruption phenomenon as well as the illegality culture that feeds it and within which mafias flourish and recruit new forces;
c) The in-depth examination of the different mafias organization, of their main businesses and illegal alliances, especially because of the  current world-wide economic crisis;
d) The strengthening of associations, organizations and realities which promote culture, information and mobilization against mafias and their partners in crime;
e) The verification after three years of the realization of propositions contained in the first edition final Bill, to underline achieved results and to denounce gaps and delays.
f) The editing of a new Bill addressed to Italian and European society and politics in order to give a continental dimension to the fight against mafias.

More details and the program of the three days will follow soon.

The first edition scheme is confirmed because of the positive feedbacks and the higher functionality guaranteed to the debate, the confrontation and the proposition.

The six working areas of the first edition have been confirmed: for a word of freedom, for a knowledge of citizenship, for a duty of information, for a policy of legality, for a request of justice, for an economy of solidarity. The indications about the working groups are indicative, from the titles it's necessary in some cases to give a further definition. For each end every group we think of 2/3 introduction reports to broaden as much as possible the debate.
Mafias prosper on human beings suffering and exploitation, denying persons and citizens dignity. Some of the most hateful businesses were born from violence, physical and psychological, practised against defenceless individuals. From human trafficking to prostitution and work exploitation, passing through the numerous deaths caused by the drugs trafficking. Old and new slavery forms which require a new word of freedom.

- Human trafficking, clandestine immigration and modern forms of slavery (from prostitution to moonlighting, from the labour market to juvenile exploitation)
Cocaine and heroin: from narco-traficants to narco-Estates, the evolution of drugs markets
The value of social policies for the redemption from mafia hypothec: propositions and courses.

The attention towards culture, starting from schools to end up with all the others education agencies, is since always a priority of the antimafia movement for the construction of new civil subjects: the different expression capacities of the person are solicited through projects and initiatives focused on the construction of a renewed knowledge of citizenship.
Mafias fear  knowledge because it makes human beings free and conscious of their own rights and this makes the criminal influence on consciousness and intelligences much more difficult.

Schools, education to legality and to active citizenship: from the Sixtieth anniversary of the Constitution to the 150 years from Italy unification.
Students participation: propositions and contents for young protagonists
The role of University and research in the fight against mafias and corruption
In the global communication era, information silences, especially the ones of the public service, weaken the antimafia action of repression and prevention and create, indirectly, objective conditions for huge organized crime operations. What has to be discussed is not only the right, but also the duty of information if we don't want to be illegality's partners in crime. In particular, we must pay attention to expression languages and forms which are essential today for the construction of an antimafia culture: from music to literature, form cinema to theatre, from television to the new digital frontiers.

- From invisible mafia to the silence on mafias: the information between public service and new media in the internet era
- From information to antimafia culture: the role of theatre, cinema, tv and literature

Mafias wouldn't be a threat for civil cohabitation if they couldn't rely on collusions with politics and institutions. It's necessary to define a reference regulatory and ethic framework, from the conception  of politics as a form of service to the community. The confrontation must be focused on the definition of a commitment ethic based on duties and responsibilities, where a policy of legality will be central. Fundamental is the Avviso Pubblico contribution in leading this session, because of its field experience on good administration as an antidote against mafia control on the territory.

The return of corruption: phenomenon analysis and contrast propositions
Administrative best practices and legislative measures: a comparison among Regions

A request of justice, consulting not only law operators but the entire society, appears more and more clearly. It's necessary to examine what society model is foreshadowing with the justice reform, criminal and civil, the Parliament is discussing. Furthermore, we must not forget the difficult experiences of victims' families or what the ones who give evidences or collaborate with justice, braking up with a criminal past, have gone trough.

The justice condition in Italy and the reform hypothesis
From pain to commitment and testimony: victims' families
-  Witnesses and justice collaborators

The pollution capacity of the economic and financial tissue in this globalised world represents one of the severest threats form mafias. Extortion, usury, eco-mafias, laundering: these are all entries of a mafia economy that in the financial era is able to confuse itself with the legal economy. It's important to propose and reinforce new strategies for an economy of solidarity, compatible with the environment and legality, starting from the social reuse of goods confiscated to mafias.

- Mafias during the economic and financial crisis (black economy and laundering)
- Confiscations, reuse and new economy in the territories released from mafias
- Usury and racket in the globalization era
- Ecomafias, not only Naples and Palermo (this session is leaded by Legambiente)


TEL. 06/69770326
WEB http://www.libera.it 
EMAIL contromafie@libera.it



  1. Libera Catania: chiediamo veritÓ e giustizia per gli omicidi di Francesco Vecchio e Alessandro Rovetta

    Il Coordinamento provinciale di Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie a Catania - in relazione alla ricerca della veritÓ sugli omicidi di Francesco Vecchio e di Alessandro Rovetta - ribadisce il proprio impegno di memoria e testimonianza per tutte le vittime delle mafie e la vicinanza ai tanti familiari che ancora aspettano di conoscere i motivi e i contesti nei quali sono maturati gli omicidi dei loro cari.

  2. Perugia: seminario di formazione per docenti

    Il Presidio insegnati  "G. Rechichi" organizza seminari di formazione per docenti, presidi e cittadinanza sul tema: "Lavoro etico, etica del lavoro". Il primo appuntamento si svolgerÓ il 22 settembre.

  3. Nuova referente per Libera Catanzaro

    Il 14 settembre durante l'assemblea provinciale di Libera Catanzaro, alla presenza del coordinatore regionale don Ennio Stamile Ŕ stata eletta la nuova referente del coordinamento provinciale: Elvira Iaccino.